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A Decade of Alexander B Magnus Jr Charitable Trust Roaming Aide De Camp

Throughout 2004 to 2014 the Magnus Charitable Trust’s head of logistics and security has been deployed with other agencies to countries in and around the Middle East, East Africa and North Africa. Most frequently he has been operating on humanitarian missions in the likes of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somaliland, Puntland, Democratic Republic of Congo, Northern Uganda, CAR, Burundi and South Sudan.

These hardship areas or hostile zones result in tens of thousands or in some cases hundreds of thousands of innocent people being adversely affected by the region’s military conflicts. The people in these regions suffer everything from starvation and dehydration to ill health, on through to medical emergencies resulting from the hostilities within the conflict zones themself.

Having a logistics and security officer operating in these troubled areas often assists the Magnus Charitable Trust understand what areas need what type of help and when. It is one of our first channels of triage as to where we may need to concentrate next and how we can prepare to assist or simply find worthy projects to support, foster, develop or merely assist by way of third parties.

This flow of information helps our US based volunteers to discuss topical subjects with interested parties. The news flowing in from such regions of desperation allows volunteers to highlight issues here in the US and perhaps network with other agencies or individuals who may either have an interest or an ability to assist where the Trust does not or cannot assist for a myriad of reasons.

Gaining firsthand reliable information as to the plight of internally displaced peoples around the globe, especially in post-conflict zones is critical to Magnus Charitable Trust’s international awareness. It is partly how we develop and then maintain our foreign policy with respect to what we may be able to do or indeed what we cannot do or facilitate or help with on an international scale.

Although Magnus Charitable Trust dose not fund or select the regions the security and logistics officer travels to he can ask to represent Magnus Charitable Trust to various parties or suffering peoples. If appropriate the Trust will advise accordingly, especially if he identifies worthy and politically unrelated humanitarian causes that do not in any way jeopardise the Trust’s good standing in the US or on the international platform.

It is like we have a roaming ambassador so to speak and thankfully his travels and logistical movements and activities do not cost the Trust anything so saving more funds to donate to needy end recipients when we do find the right cause or project to donate to.

We always remember that the victims of conflicts such as civil unrest, revolution, coup d’etat and outright war are always innocent people in the areas and regions where the hostilities erupt.

Charitable Trusts and individual people can never do enough to help those caught up in such dire circumstances. All too often these innocent men, women and children become collateral damage, collateral damage that neither warring faction, party or government particularly care about and so their suffering is intensified.

Maintaining our understanding on the socio-economic and geo-political set-up, stability as well as developments in these regions is paramount to our international foreign response policy.

This ilk of information gathering is key to Magnus Charitable Trust’s future good work and significant to the Trust’s ongoing humanitarian work and enables the Trust to ensure it remains unbiased, non-political and wholeheartedly involved on an humanitarian level only.

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