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Magnus Stars Football Team (Nairobi Kenya) 2009 – 2014

Magnus Stars Football Team was born in Nairobi Kenya in 2009 during a regular humanitarian sortie to the peaceful East African country.

The team is based in the Kikuyuland area heading out of Nairobi towards Thika and their home ground is a rough earthy scrubland of undulating bobbling ground. Usually only a few clumps of grass can be found during the short rains and the rest of the season the pitch is simply hard earthy murram making for essential footballing skills.

The team is made up of 24 to 30 local teenage and young twenty something men, some of whom are studying others with part time local work and very much in need of assistance in their lives.

The team had no kit at all and usually played barefoot, in shorts and whatever they boys and young men happened to be wearing that day. It was only when Magnus Charitable trust came into the picture that they managed to finally obtain a home kit (red of Arsenal) and an away kit (blue of Chelsea).

The team has been supported on and off by MCT since its inception in 2009 and is in its 5th great year of battling on in their local league which has 24 competing teams.

Many of the team members have outgrown the original Magnus Stars yet some remain on as coaches, assistants and even players. Football is an essential aspect of every African’s life and virtually all play the game while certainly all watch the mercurial game that joins all people across all tribes, regions and nations in harmony.

Chairwoman Maria looks forward to her next visit to Kenya so as to resupply her Magnus Stars Football Team and perhaps watch one of their league games too. In the meantime all the MCT support team wish Magnus Stars every success in their ongoing league efforts and of course all essential cup competitions.

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