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The Catholic Charities outreach programs and Christian assistance services are based from their 721 North La Salle Street premises in down town Chicago. The building houses a small church, meeting rooms for both public and private events in addition to a vast range of public services and community spirited facilities and amenities.

2017 celebrates a century of this Chicago Catholic Church’s humanitarian outreach projects. On 7th of November 2017 a Magnus Charitable Trust team led by Maria Magnus and Victoria Magnus went to volunteer at the early evening Catholic Supper Service.

This is a daily meal service that is donated and prepared by local restaurants then delivered to the 721 North La Salle dining hall where volunteers from the Catholic Charities pool of good Samaritans play their part at the meal service. A full meal is made ready for the 130 odd homeless who make an orderly entry on a first come first served basis.

MCT also prepared and donated 130 individual gift bags for the diners to depart with. Each gift bag contained essential toiletries, socks, hats and some nutritional sustenance for the long and cold night ahead.

MCT is also sponsoring an evening’s full menu for a maxed-out 130 guests later this year while loyal MCT volunteers will regularly attend the Catholic Charities meal services to offer assistance where required.

This forum is an essential and most beneficial service to the local homeless community in the area and offers unique volunteer opportunities for anyone to get involved with.

Giving back to those in need will provide any volunteer with an unforgettable and invaluable personal experience while making the less fortunate feel special for an all too brief moment in their arduous day.

Catholic Charities offers us all a chance to make a difference while only giving up a few hours of our own day to help others less well off. Interested in volunteering? Click here.

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