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MCT The National Association of Anorexia and Associated Diseases (ANAD)

ANAD is a not for profit (501-c3) Charity that Magnus Charitable Trust long serving board member and director has aligned herself and MCT with on a personal and professional level.

Victoria has her own success story to share in her battle with eating disorders from as far back as her teenage years. As such MCT has partnered with ANAD to help with a broader outreach and support program to those people across all walks of life who are struggling with a range of eating disorders and associated diseases.

Victoria has had an ongoing struggle with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia in conjunction with the associated physical ailments for over a decade and wants to help others suffering similar battles and trauma in life. Victoria is on a daily crusade on behalf of all those suffering this spectrum of difficulties and regularly uses her own personal experiences in conjunction with MCT resources to support the fight to end eating disorders and associated diseases for the greater good of all.

Victoria fights to bring more advocacy for ensuring early intervention, especially for children and young teenagers who often suffer in silence and within families who are completely unaware as to the traumatic and more dangerous aspects of a person stricken by such disorders.

MCT campaigns for a wider understanding of the associated diseases amongst family and friends, especially encouraging early help and education for parents and loved ones on their recognizing the signs. MCT also seeks to open up the channels of communication so those struggling don’t feel isolated, fearful and / or judged when they come forward.

Victoria now contributes to ANAD by writing informative blog articles for the organization on eating disorders and related topics and she hopes to create the lines of conversation as to the various modalities of communication on subjects that are rather taboo and often ignored. Victoria wants to facilitate optimal and effective recovery channels to assist all those with their ongoing struggles which are all too often not recognized and neither openly discussed.

This year Victoria was asked to participate in the ANAD annual conference and speak on her own experiences and recovery. Victoria is a member of the ANAD recovery panel advising on real and tangible ways to assist recovery.

You can listen to Victoria’s recent interview about her own journey on this link.

In addition, should you wish to visit the ANAD website here is a helpful link to discover more about helping yourself or loved ones.

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