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MCT Visit to Africa – Kenya

Subsequent to MCT’s first visit to Kenya in 2004, a follow-up visit to the country & some of the projects initially reviewed by MCT like that of Father Angelo D’Agostino’s Nyumbani Children’s Orphanage ( was very much in order. Maria Magnus led her team on a whirl-wind expedition through selected areas of Kenya & Sudan in order to optimize effectiveness on her aid trip to the region.

This is famous long-standing children’s orphanage that focuses on taking care of children that are affected by HIV/AIDS & have no family to speak of. Nyumbani has been working hard to alleviate the stigma that follows HIV/AIDS & contribute to making the communities that are affected stronger as well as more unified. While there, we were able to witness the adoption of two of the older children by a Dutch couple from Rotterdam. It was such a joy to see the happiness of the children, the adopting parents & those of the children wishing their departing brother & sister a happy future in Holland.

MCT was able to deliver gifts of toys & treats of candies to the children there in the home.

Similarly, MCT visited SOS Children’s Village in Nairobi for the first time, having a personal tour with Father Paul & hostel manager James; both of the Nairobi homes enabled Maria Magnus to donate much needed toys, books & games as well as give a morning’s happiness with sweets & candies just for fun.

SOS Children’s Villages are an independent, non-governmental & social development organization, which has been active in the field of children’s needs, concerns and rights since 1949. Its activities focus on neglected and abandoned children & orphans, as well as disadvantaged families. If a child cannot stay with their biological family, their right to care, protection & equal opportunities should still be guaranteed. This is the basic principle according to which SOS Children’s Villages carries out its activities in 132 countries & territories. SOS Children’s Villages makes it possible for children to be part of a family once again by providing family-based care saving the children from aimless, lives of squalor on dangerous poverty stricken streets.

MCT chairwoman also took time out to visit Mother of Mercy Home in Kianjogu at Ndenderu near Limuru, an area 40 kilometers away from the capital’s CBD on the outskirts of Nairobi Province where some 100 children orphaned for various reasons are taken care of by an all-African local team of responsible adults. This home was started in 1975 by the Anglican Church & is under the care of the Arch Diocese of Mt. Kenya South.

The Rt. Rev. Timothy Ranji has committed to receive future donation by MCT in so much as he will ensure all funds are tied to Mother Of Mercy Children’s Home which impressed Maria Magnus so very much when she visited. This project is aimed at providing a home for destitute children, including those orphaned by HIV/AIDS whose parents have both died. They have, at present, 95 such children whom have been nursed from infancy & they will all soon need formal education in the immediate area, some already go to local schools. The project aims to acquire a five-acre plot of land & put up further dormitories. The down payment for land purchase has been made & they should be able to raise more funds to pay the 5 million Kenya shilling deposit for the land. The main focus now is to raise balance of funds to put up the new dormitories at a cost of 50 million shillings for the first phase.

It was one of our security-detail Mr. Edward Kimani (retired senior Kenya policeman) recommended this particular institution & personally assists where & whenever he can. As such Maria Magnus pledged to return to Mother of Mercy Home to make a larger donation in 2007. We look forward to making that charitable visit in the near future.

However, while visiting in 2006 Maria Magnus was generous as ever in giving sought after pens, writing paper, books, games, toys along with a cash donation & much needed food-stuffs for a month of sustenance for the children – this was most appreciated by the home’s head & staff who ensured MCT’s visit was a joyous affair for all concerned.

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